How To Sell On Amazon – The 3 Main Methods

Before You Find Out How To Sell On Amazon, Let Us Tell You Why You Should

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You want to make money selling on Amazon, we know. But first, let me quickly show you why it has become such a popular option for many people.

You already know what Amazon does, but did you know that there are already over 500 million Amazon customers worldwide?

Or that Amazon would like to share their $80 billion per year sales revenue with third-party sellers (people like you)?

And did you know that Amazon will do a lot of the work for you, allowing you to spend time growing your business?

How Selling On Amazon Works

Before we go through the 3 ways to sell on Amazon, it's helpful to understand how it actually works.

You can choose one of these options of HOW you're going to sell your product (we'll take a look at what products to sell in a minute):

A. Keep products at your home or business premises. When a customer makes an order, Amazon lets you know, you package it, ship it, handle any returns and all customer service. This is Fulfilled by Merchant. These products are not eligible to be purchased through Amazon Prime membership.

B. Send your products to an Amazon warehouse. When a customer orders your product, Amazon packs it, ships it, handles any returns and almost all of the customer service on your behalf. This is Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). These products are eligible to be purchased through Amazon Prime membership. Products eligible for Prime sell a lot more than those that are not.

We strongly recommend that you follow option 2, and send your products into Amazon. There is a small fee involved each time you make a sale but this is more than worth it for the additional sales you make and time you save.

How To Sell On Amazon Overview

To find out how to sell on Amazon effectively we need to understand the 3 main methods that people follow:
  1. Arbitrage - buying products from other stores and selling them on Amazon 
  2. Wholesale - buying products from wholesalers and distributors and selling them on Amazon
  3. Private Label - having products manufactured for you and selling on Amazon for a profit
We go into more detail on how these methods work and help you choose the best method for you in this free guide:

The idea obviously is to sell at a certain level of profit and return on investment (ROI).

It sounds fairly straight forward doesn't it? But no How To Sell On Amazon guide would be complete without telling you about things that you need to consider if you are serious about selling on Amazon.
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  • You need to understand how to calculate profit, taking into account Amazon fees
  • You need to know how to analyze products. This is to see how often they sell. It's no good having a product that makes a lot of profit if it only sells once a year
  • You need to understand how to analyze competition. You will be selling the same product as other sellers, so you will be competing with them. You have to be careful not to get into a price war which wipes out your profit
  • You need to understand how the Amazon marketplaces work in order to increase your chances of success
  • If you're still on the fence about selling on Amazon we have another blog post Make Money Selling On Amazon – Find Out If It Is Right For You which should help you out.

    If you'd like more in depth information on How To Sell On Amazon you can download our 3 Ways To Make Money Selling On Amazon Guide here:

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