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I more than doubled my product sourcing results when I hired a product sourcing Virtual Assistant.

Any part of product sourcing online can be done by a trained Virtual Assistant. Let's take a look at just some of the things they could do:

  • Make a list of online stores to source from
  • Find matching products that are sold on Amazon
  • Check that the products are in stock at the source store
  • Check that the products make the required amount of profit
  • Check that the products make the required amount of sales per month
  • Run scans on sourcing software like Tactical Arbitrage and FBA Wizard
  • Delete mismatches on sourcing software
  • Collate results into a spreadsheet and have it ready for you by a certain time each

We have several VA's as part of our Amazon business, which has helped us to grow up to the point we were able to move to the Spanish island of Mallorca and run our business from there (that's after having full time office jobs for 20 years).
Not only does it save a huge amount of time (time that you can spend growing your business), it cuts out all of the boring parts of product sourcing!

The view from my home office now

But I don't know how to hire a VA .....

Neither did I when I started, which is why I made lots of mistakes and employed some unsuccessful candidates.
It's not actually that difficult, and I'll send you to a blog post I've written which shows you step by step how to do it.

Before that I'll show you a quick-start guide that helps you work out what type of VA you want to recruit, which will also make placing your recruitment advert super easy.

1. Describe in one sentence what you want your VA to do e.g. "I am looking for a VA to identify profitable products to sell on Amazon FBA via online arbitrage."
2. What do I want the VA to do specifically? E.g. they’ll be running product scans on sourcing software or manually sourcing online stores to identify profitable products, based on the criteria I will provide them
3. Full Time or Part Time? It can be a good idea to start part-time e.g. 20 hours per week then scale up
4. Experienced in online arbitrage or not? I would recommend to recruit someone who has never done OA before - this way you get them to work exactly how you want them to
5. Skills required? e.g. good standard of English, data entry etc.
6. How much do you want to pay? We tend to start with $2.50 per hour during a one week trial then raise to $3.00 if we decide to keep them
7. How will you manage their time? There is time tracking software available such as Hubstaff that will monitor your VA's work
8. How will you communicate with your VA? Free project management tools such as Asana mean that you can manage your task allocation, communications etc. all in one organised place

But how do I train them?

How you train your new VA will determine if they are going to be successful or not. The mistake that many people make is to try to hire or create an expert product sourcing VA. Whilst that would be great, it's also unrealistic.

What you want to train your VA to do is be able to follow a step by step process, with the result of providing you with a daily spreadsheet of potential products to sell on Amazon for a profit.

The best way to do this is to write down how you currently do this, and then document it - either in a written format or video (you can use a relatively cheap tool like Snagit to take screenshots and to video your screen).

The training should be as specific as possible, with you providing sourcing criteria (e.g. minimum profit of $50, ROI of 30%, maximum sales rank of 200,000 in Toy category, 100,000 in Electronics etc.).

Taking as many decision points out of the VA's hands is your goal - they should follow a process and set criteria and provide you with the results.

Or you could simply follow the step by step instructions on how to hire a product sourcing Virtual Assistant and sign them up to the expertly designed VA online training course that forms part of Virtual Online Arbitrage.
Whether you want a VA to manually source products, run Tactical Arbitrage or FBA Wizard, or both, Virtual Online Arbitrage has you covered. It's what we use to train our own VA's!

To access the full free step by step guide to hiring a VA CLICK HERE

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