How To Make Money On Amazon – Flippin’ Crazy

You may already know about “flipping” on Amazon, but it is one of the most overlooked and easiest ways to find more profitable products to sell. In this guide I’ll show you a great method for flipping.

What Is Flipping & The Flipping Fear Factor

Flipping is finding a product on Amazon that has a significantly lower price than normal, buying it and sending it back in to sell when the price goes back to a profitable level.

It is crazy how so few people do this because it’s one of the easiest methods of productsourcing. I think that people can be a bit frightened that they might be doing something wrong by buying and reselling via Amazon itself.

There are only two rules you need to bear in mind when flipping on Amazon:

1. Don’t use your Amazon Prime account to purchase flips – it is against Amazon PrimeT&Cs. Either set up a separate buying account or just select a different deliveryoption to Prime2. Don’t buy Amazon Lightning Deals to flip (these are usually limited to one per orderso aren’t much good to use as flips anyway)

Dan’s Flippin’ Easy Method

First go to and Deals:

This is where Keepa show all the price reductions that are currently in place across Amazon. We want to filter this down to make our job easier. In the left hand column you can select your filters. I tend to look at price drops in the past week (although a good way of working is to do this everyday, in which case you would select Day), I change the Drop Percent Range to 60%-100% and put in a maximum Sales Rank Range:

Then click Find Deals:

You can filter by category if you want to, and then just scroll through the results to see what looks good. I’ve just done this and found a product within 30 seconds:

You can see that it normally sells at $15.99, and sometimes as high as $20, and is currently being sold by Amazon for $5.55. We can see that there are only 2 other sellers on the listing so once Amazon either raise their price back to normal or go out of stock (even better!) then our profit suddenly becomes profitable:

Play around with the filters and categories and find what works best for you. Doing this first thing every day is a great way of consistently finding profitable products to sell on Amazon.

Reasons Why This Is A Great Way To Source Products

  • Not many people do it, so there is usually less competition
  • By filtering you can select products that you know tend to sell well on Amazon
  • It is a step by step process that you could easily train a Virtual Assistant to do every day and provide you with a spreadsheet of potential flips

I have two more options for you below to help you get more profitable products to sell on Amazon. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Profitable Products to Sell On Amazon

Let Me Email You Products You Can Buy Online To Sell For A Profit

Myself and my team of Virtual Assistants are experts at sourcing profitable products to sell on Amazon.

I provide a service where you can subscribe to receive in your inbox a minimum of 5 products per day that you can purchase online and sell on Amazon.

I also provide occasional one off special lists.

  • My Products | Dan AshtonMinimum set net profit & ROI
  • My Products | Dan AshtonAll products are in ungated categories & checked for brand restrictions
  • My Products | Dan AshtonOnly a limited number of each list are available to prevent saturation

Hire Your Own Product Sourcing Virtual Assistant

Virtual Online Arbitrage Training Program

Do you need more profitable products to sell on Amazon?

Do you find you don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done?

My Virtual Assistant product sourcing training will solve both of those big problems.

Not only will it train your VA step by step how to manually product source or use sourcing software, or both, but it will also show you exactly how to hire and manage your VA.

  • My Products | Dan AshtonYour own Client Hub with training & resources showing you how to hire your VA
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