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Amazon Sellers...With A Difference

Dan Ashton: Until the middle of 2016 I had a well paid job with a huge international company, and regularly travelled between the UK, Russia, Switzerland and Malaysia.

It wasn't for me though. Are you like that? Do you have dreams or plans of doing something different, something for yourself?

I struggled making money online for several years. Then I discovered Amazon FBA, and combined it with my "day job" skills of designing effective and efficient business processes.

My entire business is built on processes. If you want your business to succeed, you will put yourself 100% ahead of your competition if you do the same.‚Äč

On this site I have committed to share the processes, methods, tools and software that I use to run my own businesses.

I learned so much from other people who were happy to share their knowledge with a complete stranger (me) and I enjoy working with other people. I'm a firm believer that by working with other people we can help each other and grow together. 

My motivation is freedom - to be able to live where I want, work for myself and support my family. Your motivation may well be different, but I'm pretty sure that we can work together to achieve whatever your goals in business are.

Now an experienced Amazon seller, I've gone from struggling newbie to being able to move with my wife and two young children from England to the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca, running 100% of my businesses online.

Kristan Ashton: Like Dan, I had a well paid job which I absolutely loved. After we had our second child in 2015 and the prospect of returning to work loomed, the 2 kids under 3, the 3 hour round commute and the fact that'd I'd only see my children asleep for 4 days of the week as I'd be out of the house for at least 12 hours a day meant that i felt something had to change.

We found out about selling on Amazon, doing the Arbitrage process..... could this really work? We sent some items in to Amazon, more to test the process than make money to start with. Then we did start to make money, I could find products to sell during my normal day with the kids - whilst out doing the food shop, browsing online whilst feeding in the middle of the night.... I took the leap and I left my job. 

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2 Years Selling On Amazon
15,000+ Words Written In Blog Posts
2 Full Time Virtual Assistants
1200+ Products In Amazon Inventory

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